Who we are

We are a community of people attempting to follow Jesus Christ, the God-Human, together. We value the place of ‘difference’ in the Body of Christ, respecting that God’s answer to the human condition is for all people, from all backgrounds, for all time. We hold to an evangelical perspective on the authority of scripture, and that salvation is through faith alone. We see Christ throughout the rich fabric of Christian traditions, and therefore realise that our own understanding is both certain and incomplete.

We are a member of the New Zealand Baptist Churches. www.baptist.org.nz


To share Jesus with everyone through word and deed.


To respect other Church traditions as fellow members of the Global Church.


Lachlan Bull has been our Pastor since August 2019. Before that he was a pharmacist for twenty years (drugs were my life, he says), working in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, before gaining a Bachelor of Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College (and winner of the friendly cup! Okay, it has a longer name than that, but that’s basically what it was). 

Lachlan is married to the awesome Laura, and they have two amazing children (but, hey, he’s biased). 


Mission is both local (our neighbour next door) and global (our neighbour way over there).

At the core of our mission is a recognition that God calls each of us to play our part in God’s purpose for the world – to renew, restore and redeem all of creation; which is simply our response to God’s love for all of creation and everyone and everything within it.

As an example is the way we use our facilities to bless others.  Many groups use our facilities, such as WestREAP.  We have a community Christmas lunch each year, as we mirror the hospitality of Jesus to all those whom attend and hold a Light Party on Halloween.

We seek to support the work of organisations that are aligned with our values, by making our facility available at appropriate levels of expense.

Globally we support the NZ Baptist Mission organisation Tranzsend as well as other mission agencies.